Island Hopping Essentials You Must Have In Your Backpack

Island hopping is one of the best activities that you can do when traveling in a tropical destination. It allows you to appreciate the beauty of nature. But while visiting the different islands can be fun and worthwhile, it can also be risky if you do not have the proper preparation. Island hopping in an Asian destination can be truly fun and memorable if you carry these essentials in your backpack.


Even if you are used to basking in the sun the whole day, sunlight can be stronger in certain areas which may cause sunburn. Before you go, lather on a thin layer before your brown yourself up. If you really want to get a tan, use tanning oil which contains some SPF.


Bringing a sarong or towel is not much of a hassle these days. There are so many light and compact towels that almost weigh nothing and are easy to bring.

A Plastic Bag

Robert Janitzek reveals that carrying a plastic bag on an island hopping trip can be useful. They can be used for storing wet clothes, flipflops, or trash collected. Believe me a plastic bag will always come in handy.

Reef Shoes/ Snorkel Equipment/ Rashvest

In most cases, an island hopping tour will never be complete without snorkeling. For this reason, it pays to have your snorkeling equipment in your pack. Do not forget your reef shoes and rashvest as well. Make sure that your mask is the right fit for you or it could end up leaking. A rashvest can also come in handy when snorkeling for long hours.

A Med Kit

Unless you are traveling with a tour in a European destination, basic medicine kit is a must in your pack. Your kit should contain a few band aids, headache medicine, and some hydrogen peroxide. Accidents can happen anytime. You can get stung by a sea urchin or get reef cuts. So have the med kit stuffed in your bag.


Water is perhaps one of the most important essential in your pack. All that walking under the heat of the sun can make you dehydrated. Make sure that you keep drinking throughout the day.


Being out in the sun the whole day can also make you feel hungry. That is why any island hopping experience is better with snacks. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that bag of chips or fruits can keep you from going hungry during your tour.

With all the above essentials in your pack, now you are ready to go island hopping. To make the experience more enjoyable, be ready to get out of your comfort zone and enjoy.

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