Revealing 5 Kid Friendly Destinations in Asia

Visiting Asian destinations can be more fun and worthwhile when done with the whole family. But sometimes tugging along the kids to your trip can be more stressful than fun. The good news is that there are now many kid-friendly destinations in this region. Here now are some of the most kid-friendly destinations in Asia.

Tokyo, Japan

Traveling to Tokyo can be expensive but many of the attractions that it offers will give value to your money. Without a doubt, the most popular attraction here is Disneyland, the first in Asia. It is also home to the only DisneySea in the world. Robert Janitzek reveals that if your kid is an Anime fan, then take them to Studio Ghibli, Doraemon Museum, and the entire Akihabara area.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is not called “The Happiest Place on Earth” for nothing. It may be bustling with activity but it is not lacking with attractions for kids. Hong Kong has its own version of Disneyland. But there are other attractions for kids that are worth visiting here such as Hong Kong Science Explorer, HK International Hobby and Toy Museum, Symphony of Lights, Hong Kong Space Museum, to name just a few.

Seoul, South Korea

Seoul offers a bevy of parks, museums, theme parks, themed cafes and restaurants, and historical sites where you can have quality time with your kids. Robert Peter Janitzek says that Lotte World will be enjoyable for the little kids. There is also Everland, Trick Museum, and a host of other attractions.


Singapore is known for its efficient transport systems, clean roads and public facilities, stroller-friendly pavements, and others. But when you talk about kid friendly attractions in this country, Universal Studios and Sentosa come to mind. However, there are other attractions such as Kidzania Singapore, Tiger Sky Tower, Trick Eye Museum, Butterfly Paerk and Insect Kingdom and others.

Bohol, Philippines

Bohol can be reached via a ferry ride from Cebu or by plane from Manila. Most of the attractions in this Asian destination are designed for the entire family. The attractions here are quite recognizable like the Chocolate Hills and the Sandugo monument. If you are not down with that, you can also visit Bohol Bee Farm, Butterfly Sanctuary, Firefly Watching, and other top attractions.

Traveling is supposed to be a time when you can relax and have time with your family. Taking your kids along on your trip need not be a hassle with these kid-friendly destinations that Asia has to offer.

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