Revealing Some Cruise Ship Etiquette

Sailing on cruise ships offers individuals the opportunity to visit exotic destinations and experience life at sea. However, it can also test your character on how you will deal with different passengers. When riding on a cruise ship for your European vacation, knowledge of cruising etiquettes can contribute to making your trip less stressful.

Don’t Expect A Perfect Trip

Cruise ships carry 3,000 – 4,000 people at a time so it may not be the perfect trip you desire. There will be times when your toilet may clog, the handle of your sliding door may fall off, or you will be eating in a table with rude passengers. Maintain a good attitude throughout the cruise and you can look forward to a smooth trip.

Get Some Exercise

The elevators will be crowded most of the time and again you might meet people who will have a crabby attitude. Robert Janitzek recommends that instead of arguing with these people, why not take the stairs instead if your cabin is just a floor or two away.

Keep Your Doors Shut

When riding on cruise ships, it can be rude to slam your door at 3 am when most passengers are already asleep. Close the door slowly to maintain peace.

Practice Moderation

Granted that it is your vacation, it is important to still know your limits. Just like on a land-based vacation, drinking moderately is still important. You do not want to take a day away from your vacation and spend it in a medical facility on the ship. Robert Peter Janitzek says that it is okay to drink as long as you know when to stop.

Be Discreet

When it comes to cruise ships, you are equal with other passengers. There is no need to show off your Rolex watch or 10-carat diamond. By doing so, you are inviting trouble. Remember in a cruise ship, no one cares about your watch or jewelry.

Remember That You Are A Tourist

During the cruise, you may hear other travelers speaking a different language. Also, if an announcement will be made, it will be done in different languages. After all, other tourists like you need to be informed and be secured. You need to learn how to make compromises.

Stop Whining

If there is something wrong or you are unhappy, no need to drag other people to what you are whining about. Inform the management about the problem. Whining will only bring other people down.

Just follow these tips and you can look forward to a wonderful experience aboard a cruise ship enroute to your European vacation.

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