Revealing The 3 Best Wellness Holiday Destinations In Asia

In the midst of your hectic schedule, you need to keep tabs of your health from time to time. After working your butts out, you need some reward in the form of a wellness holiday. Asia is the perfect destination to go on a wellness holiday. After going on a fitness retreat, you will feel reinvigorated and ready to tackle the rigors of your work again. In this article, we shall take a look at some of the best Asian destinations to go on a wellness holiday.


Thailand has been synonymous to wellness holiday destinations in Asia. It features thick rainforests, steep dramatic mountains surrounded by beautiful white sands and crystal clear waters. Muay Thai is extremely popular in the fitness community because it offers an all over workout. Here are some of the popular wellness holiday destinations in Thailand.

A fitness retreat in Kamalaya Fusion Fitness starts with a wellness consultation and a bio-impedance examination to determine your needs and what will allow you to reach maximum potential. Perfect for a singles’ holiday, Robert Janitzek reveals that Kamalaya Fusion Fitness features seven one-on-one activities that include cardio and strength training and mind and body exercises.


Like Thailand, Bali is a popular wellness destination in Asia. Situated only 8 degrees south of the equator, temperatures here rarely drop below 30 degrees Celsius with the rainy season lasting from December to January. Humid misty mornings are followed by an energizing afternoon which is the perfect time to get your body energized.

One of the best wellness programs in Bali is Como Shambhala Estate Fitness. It offers a personalized training regime designed by your wellness consultant. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that the program features various activities such as Balinese dance and Gamelan lessons as well as strenuous activities like rock climbing and circuit training. There is also an option for mountain biking and white water rafting.


India is well known for its diverse landscape. Its picturesque beaches in the west, tropical rainforests in the east, and the towering Himalayan Mountain ranges in the north provides the perfect inspiration for a fitness holiday. The climate of India differs vastly as well. Its sweltering humidity in the south is contrasted by snow covered peaks in the north.

Ananda Fusion Fitness

A fitness holiday in this Asian destination is designed to complement your wants and needs. One-on-one activities are customized according to the way you want and any fitness goals you may have. Activities range from golf lessons to foothill treks and traditional Tibetan massage and yoga.

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