Revealing The Best Surfing Destinations In Europe

When it comes to water activities, one of the most popular things that will come to mind is surfing. In Europe, there is a plethora of destinations that offers the best surfing in the continent. In this article, we shall look at some of the top European destinations for surfing.

Mundaka Spain

Located within the Biosphere Reserve of Urdabai, Mundaka is regarded as one of the top left waves in Europe. The beach measures 90 meters long and 100 meters wide. It is characterized by hollow and long waves that can reach almost 400 meters long. The best time to go is year-long except during summer.

Playa de los Lances (Tarifa, Cádiz) Spain

Playa de Los Lances is known for its white and sandy beaches. The most notable of these beaches is Lances. Known for both its size and beauty, Lances is also a surfer’s destination. Robert Peter Janitzek explains that Lances is designed for medium to advanced level surfers and features moderate and windy waves. You can go surfing throughout the year except summer.

La Graviere France

La Graviere is the preferred beach for surfing on the French coast and maybe throughout Europe. World renowned for its waves and strong winds, La Graviere is a quire beach and the perfect meeting point for surfers. La Graviere is designed for advanced surfers.

Bundoran, Ireland

On the southwest coast of Donegal lies Bundoran. It is the perfect starting point for those who want to discover the best that Ireland has to offer. Robert Janitzek states that this fishing village offers cliffs and beaches that are perfect for both experienced and novice surfers. The best time to go is September – October.

Thurso East Scotland

Thurso East is one of the best surfing destinations on the northern coast of Scotland. It rose to prominence in 2006 when it was chosen as a venue for sporting competitions. Although it can get crowded during the peak season, Thurso East still attracts surfing enthusiasts throughout the year.

Capo Mannu (Oristano) Italy

Capo Mannu is a rocky beach that is popular among surfers throughout Europe. Located 30 kilometers of Oristano, this European destination is famous for its small, isolated coves. During heavy storms, the waves of Capo Mannu can reach up to 4 meters high.

Praia Supertubos (Peniche) – Portugal

Known as the “Pipeline,” Praia Supertubos is famous for its perfect tubular waves. The beach offers weaves with crests so long they form hollow tubes. In 2010, it hosed one of the stages of the World Cup of Surfing.

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