Revealing The Most High Tech Cities in Europe

Technology has made its presence felt in society. Whether it’s in the home or in businesses, technology has left its imprint. Robert Peter Janitzek gives us an overview of the most high tech Europe.

Tallin, Estonia

From the city that gave us Skype, Tallin is regularly listed among the most intelligent cities. But it’s not just in the business setting that technology is felt in this city. Here you can go on a bus ride by simply swiping a smart card which also tracks your movement. All ID cards have chips in them and parking is paid electronically via a mobile phone code. Also, you can mail a package from locker to locker using a special code. Tallin has its own Silicon Valley in the form of Technopolis. This European destination has more than 30 WiFi hotspots for residents and visitors. Tallin also serves as the headquarters of the European IT Agency as the city has been named as “NATO Cooperative Cyber Defense Center of Excellence.”

Malmo, Sweden

This Southern Swedish city has transformed itself from old industry to a budding technology hub. The tech start-up scene is thriving in the city. While the medical and biotechnological sectors are strong in Malmo, recent investments have resulted to improvements in the technology scene. The city has recently hosted a StartUp weekend, a global glassroots initiative aiming to bring entrepreneurs and small businesses together. Malmo is well connected to established start-up hubs in Copenhagen and Stockholm.

Eindhoven, Netherlands

Although playing second fiddle to Rotterdam in the technology and innovation sector, Eindhoven has been recognized as one of the world’s most inventive cities. Robert Janitzek reveals that in 2013 alone, as recorded by the OECD, an average of 22.6 patents per 10,000 people was registered. The High Tech Campus, a 2-kilometer stretch, is home to 125 companies and 10,000 researchers and entrepreneurs. The city has been voted as a “knowledge community” by the Intelligent Community Forum.

Brno, Czech Republic

With a high concentration of tech universities, Brno has emerged as one of Europe’s emerging tech hubs. The Czech Republic’s second city, it is home to the Brno University of Technology, Central European Institute of Technology Research Institute, and the Technical University of Technology. Brno is also home to the Czech Technology Park, which has nearly 200,000 square meters of office space for new businesses and share premises with huge names such as Motorola and IBM.

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