The Best Cities in Europe To Go On A Solo Travel

Just because you do not have a spouse or significant other does not mean that you can no longer travel. Traveling alone can offer a wide range of benefits. The biggest advantage perhaps is that you can be able to have time for yourself. Secondly, your travel does not have to be dependent on another individual. You can go wherever you want at your own pace. Here are some European destinations that is perfect for the solo traveler.


One of the best activities a solo traveler can indulge in is to head to festivals. Aside from the opportunity to meet people, it also provides a venue for being with people who share a common interest with you. There is no European city that does festivals than Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh. You can take part in traditional festivals like the International Film Festival and Jazz and Blues Festival. You can also watch the spectacle of the Royal Edinburgh Festival Fringe. These festivals can spice up your visit to this hilly coastal city.


Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that the Austrian capital of Vienna is ranked among the top five for personal safety rankings in a Mercer study for expats which makes it ideal for traveling alone. Have a round of coffee with sacher torte in a traditional café, get lost in the grounds of Schonbrunn Palace, and watch a show at an opera house.


This waterfront town in Norway is a perfect spot for solo traveling. There are a bevy of activities you can do here. For one, you can go and visit the UNESCO Heritage wooden houses of Bryggen, the outdoor fish market, and Floibanen Funicular. Robert Janitzek recommends going on an adventure in some of the more challenging destinations such as the Mount Ulriken Cable Car and Troldhaugen. Getting lost in the suburban neighborhood can also be quite an experience.


Helsinki is one of the most laid-back places in Europe. Finland is one of the highest ranking European countries in terms of safety and security in the Prosperity Index. You can go hopping in one of the 330 islands on the archipelago. You will surely fall in love with the quaint seaside village with tons of open air.


There are many sights to visit in the city that a day is not enough to fit them all into your schedule. A good starting point is the Circus Hotel, where you can check the C-Wiki, a simple guide to what Berlin can offer. You can also check out the East side Gallery of the Berlin Wall as well as the Brandenburg Gate.

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