The Best Destinations To Go Biking in Asia

We are all aware of what biking can do for our body. It is a good exercise in the morning helping reduce the incidence of heart disease and reduce blood pressure as well. Many Asian countries have bike paths that allow them not only to have a healthy vacation but also appreciate the beauty of nature. Here are some bike-friendly Asian destinations you can consider visiting for a healthy vacation.


Tokyo is one of those cities where it is okay to get lost and find hidden treasures. Biking is common among the locals so you will not feel like a nuisance to pedestrians and road users who knows how to look out for the safety of cyclists. Most of the bikes in Tokyo are of high quality and in excellent condition and they are electric powered so you will not break a sweat if you hit a steep terrain.


Biking in Taipei is a better choice than taking a cab and being stuck in traffic. Robert Janitzek reveals that most of the attractions and restaurants are in the biking area so it can be convenient to just ride around. Taipei is a flat city so you will not experience any uphill riding. There are also marked lanes for cyclists. You can rent a YouBike on nearly every corner of the city.


Xiamen is home to the longest bicycle skyway in the world. At 7.6 kilometers long and 5 meters above ground, it can be intimidating at first but a fun experience as well. There are also lots of bike sharing options in the city such as Ofo or MoBike.


Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that bikes serve as the main mode of transportation for most locals in Osaka. The roads in the city are very flat and biker-friendly. While the streets can become crowded and there are some signs that prohibit bikes, you can always bike around the side street. Being a bike city, many hotels in Osaka offer complimentary bike rentals to staying guests.


Riding a bike in Beijing offers convenience given its grid system city planning and bike lanes. Just like in Xiamen, Beijing has a 9km long elevated cycling path. With bike sharing becoming popular in the city, there are bicycles in every corner. You can download the app, scan, and ride. However, there are some faulty and vandalized bikes so you might have to ride them before finding a decent one to ride.

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