The Best Food Destinations in Asia

For anyone who loves travel, finding a place that serves delicious food will always be on their itinerary. If you are a real foodie, going on an Asian street food journey can be a worthwhile experience. Here is a look at some of the best Asian destinations where you can satisfy your gastronomic desires.

Penang, Malaysia

Penang is one of the best eating destinations in Asia. Street or hawker food is the city’s biggest attraction. The city’s street food is a mixture of the different cultures—Chinese, Malay, and Indian—that makeup the town. The streets of Penang are lined with various stalls, coffee shops, ands hawker centers offering various specialties.

Tokyo, Japan

If you like noodles, then it is worth trying out the ramen of Tokyo. This variety of noodles is a staple in Japanese cuisine. You can find different varieties of ramen in this bustling metropolis. Robert Janitzek recommends noodles in a classic rich tonkotsu (pork-bone broth) or thelight chicken soup or seafood broth instead.


The city of Singapore will delight you with a bevy of cuisines that is easily available at the hawker centers. Some of the iconic favorites here are chicken rice, char kuay teow, and chili crab.

Seoul, South Korea

Kimchi is already a favorite around the world but nothing can top the experience of trying it out in the country where it originated. Kimchi is a dish that combines salted, fermented pickled vegetable in chili paste. This local side dish will spice up your meal. Robert Peter Janitzek recommends kimchi with bibimbap (rice and vegetable) and Korean barbeque.

Bangkok, Thailand

Thai cuisine is flavorful and aromatic. It is often bursting with spices and sauces like ginger, lemongrass, and fish sauce. Thai cuisine worth trying out include pad thai (fried rice noodles with egg, seafood, and leeks), tom yum goong (spicy hot and sour soup), and mango sticky rice.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai food is usually a combination of the local Emirati, Arabic, and Lebanese cuisines. Kebab (roasted meat) and shakshuka (eggs poached in tomato sauce) are the local favorites. Falafel (ground chickpea patties) and lugaimat (fried dough balls) is also worth trying.

Hong Kong

A trip to Hong Kong will never be complete without trying out dim sum. This is the quintessential gourmet experience in this Asian destination. Dim sum involves a range of dishes served in bamboo baskets. Among the favorites here include charsiew bao (roasted pork bun), siew mai (prawn and pork dumpling), and har kaw (prawn dumpling).

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