The Future of Cruises: What To Expect From the Industry?

Riding cruise ships offers individuals with an opportunity to not only visit exotic destinations but also experience life in the sea. Cruises are gaining popularity as a travel trend as both young and old people alike choose sea travel for their next European vacation. The future is bright for the industry and travelers planning to go on a holiday aboard a cruise ship.

As holiday providers continue to modernize cruise holidays, travelers can look forward to new changes and experiences in the future. With all-inclusive prices and a variety of destinations to choose from, one can see the reason why. In this article, we shall take a look at the future of cruising.

Less Flying

In the future, we will see no-fly cruises. This means that passengers will no longer have to go through airports or take more suitcases. We will see cruises emanating from ports that are accessible by road. Robert Janitzek reveals that passengers will no longer have to deal with expensive flights and luggage restrictions. No longer will passengers have to go through a lot of difficulties to get to the port before the ship leaves.

River Cruising

Most cruises enroute to the Caribbean or Antarctica can be hard to reach as they cross vast seas during the trip. Now we will see more river cruising. Since 2012, river cruises has increased in popularity from the Rhine/Moselle to the Danube. River cruises are opening up more opportunities for travelers to reach more exotic locations in 2018 and beyond.

More Adventurous

Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) reveals that adventure travel has seen a 65 percent growth in the last 5 years which has had a huge impact on the cruise industry. Robert Peter Janitzek explains that instead of cruises with beaches and luxury resorts, it is now glacier explorations or skiing holidays.

Younger Passengers/Solo Traveling

When it comes to cruising, one would think that the older generation or married couples would most likely go on a cruise. Over the years, we have seen a shift with the younger generation going on cruises. In fact, cruising companies are now targeting millennials offering fun attractions such as ice skating rinks, zip lines, bowling alleys, and others. A 2013 study conducted by the website reported a 38% increase in the number of 18-30 year olds booking cruises.

Solo traveling is also on the rise, with ROL cruise seeing a 20 per cent increase in solo guests.

Larger Cruise Ships

The size of cruise ships is also becoming larger allowing more passengers. Royal Caribbean is planning to build a vessel named ‘Genesis of the Seas’ which is expected to set the record as the largest cruise ship in the world. It can accommodate more than 6,000 guests.

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