Things You Need To Prepare For Your Skiing Trip

For those who love adventure, a skiing holiday in one of the popular European destinations is always in a traveler’s itinerary during the winter. While it can be a wonderful pastime, nothing can be worse than being ill-prepared for your skiing holiday. Whether you are a beginner or expert, there are few things you need to do in order to make your skiing holiday truly safe and enjoyable.


Going to the gym or jogging around the block a week prior to your departure is not enough preparation. During your skiing holiday, you will be dealing with high altitude and low temperatures so start exercising two months before your skiing holiday. Robert Janitzek reveals that this will help build up your cardio-vascular fitness and help you deal with lack of oxygen at high altitudes. Proper skiing technique will use a lot less energy.


Your muscles and tendons need to be flexible. In low temperatures, muscles can become stiff, slow to react, and will lack range of movement. Regular exercise before your ski holiday can help make your muscles flexible so that a fall during your ski trip will have no ill effects. It is important to warm up when stretching and avoid static or bouncing stretches.


If you have your own skis, make sure that they are serviced. Robert Peter Janitzek advises waxing the base and sharpening the edges. It will be a good idea to have a ski technician do a safety check of the binding and a base grind. This will help restore the structure to the ski base and help retain wax.


If you do not have your own equipment, invest on a good pair of boots. Although it would mean spending more money, it is extremely important that your boots fit correctly. Make sure that the technician takes the time and trouble to get things exactly right. Boots have three main components, all of which can be customized for a good boot fitter: inner boot, outer shell, and foot bed. If you are renting ski boots for your European vacation, ask for different boots in case the first choice is too stiff or too big.


Ski suits can make a difference between skiing comfortably the whole day or stopping before lunch. For your body to perform well, it should be warm but not hot. The good news is that today’s clothing technology is very advanced and uses breathable multi-layering fabric system. They will keep you warm when it is cold and will allow perspiration to evaporate when you are hot.

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