Tips and Etiquette Visitors Should Bear in Mind When Visiting London

Aside from the Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and Westminster Abbey, there are many attractions that London offers to visitors. However, to make your trip hassle free and more enjoyable, there are certain rules and etiquette that you need to bear in mind when traveling to this European destination.

Museum Donations

Most museums in London are free and will only require a donation. It is so tempting to just walk past the lobby to the exhibits and not make a donation. However, it is expected and very much appreciated. Denying the museum a donation is considered impolite. Cultural institutions require large sums of money to remain open in the public.

Tipping in London

Tipping can be confusing in foreign countries as the “norm” can vary from one country to another. In London, it is customary to leave 10 – 15% of your bill to the waiter. This is only required if the service charge has not yet been added to your bill. Robert Janitzek explains that cabs also require 10 – 15% tip while in pubs and bars, it is not customary to tip.


Standard voltage in London is 220V compared to the 120V in the United States. If you are coming from the US, chances are it will not fit into the sockets provided by most London facilities. However, you can remedy it by buying an adaptor which you can easily buy in airport shops.

Taxi Etiquette

Cabs and taxis offer a great and convenient way to go around the city as long as you do it safely. Make sure that the cab you are riding in is registered and licensed. Robert Peter Janitzek explains that riding an unbooked mini cab is not only dangeours but also illegal. Use London’s famous black cabs or call a reputable minicab service. To find an available cab, look for an illuminated yellow TAXI on the front of black cabs.

Vacation Rental Etiquette

Owners entrust their vacation property to you and as such you need to treat it with respect. Obey all the rules of the building. Likewise, you should also treat your temporary neighbors as if they were permanent. Courtesy is important in vacation rentals. Keep your noise down at night, play music or television at a reasonable volume and keep communal facilities tidy.

Asking for Directions

Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. While most Londoners are kind and helpful, a taxi driver is your best bet for directions. They know the ins and outs of London streets and are well-trained in the field.

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