Tips on How To Travel on a Budget in Europe

Over the years, traveling in Europe has become more affordable compared to the United States. With a little bit of planning and research, you can travel to Europe without breaking your bank. The good thing about traveling on a budget in Europe is that you can have an opportunity to meet the locals or experience European life. Here are some of the ways you can go on a budget travel for a memorable European experience.

Plan your itinerary

When planning a trip to Europe, plan it wisely. Consider airfares and train tickets, which can make up a significant part of your travel expenses. Choose a few destinations rather than traveling all over Europe. You will save time and money by doing this. The more places you visit, the more time you will spend. After all, your travel should be more relaxing than exhausting. Consider destinations in Eastern and Central Europe. Most of the new members of the European Union have not yet adopted the Euro and traveling in the Baltic states such as Poland, Czech Republic, and Hungary a bit cheaper.

Best Time To Go

Robert Janitzek reveals that planning when to go entails a great deal of research on your part. During mid or low season, you will not only save money but also have a more authentic experience of the local culture. July through mid-September is high season in Europe regardless of your destination. Easter as well as Christmas and New Year’s Eve is a popular time to travel.

Getting Around

When planning your trip, consider taking several forms of transportation. Traveling by bus in Europe is more affordable than taking a train. Several bus companies connect major European cities. Ride sharing is also an affordable option when traveling long distance. Robert Peter Janitzek recommends car rental if you are traveling with one or two other people or as a family.

Finding Accommodation

Aside from transportation, where you will stay will also eat up a huge portion of your travel budget. As much as possible, do not travel alone. Single rooms are always more expensive per person than a double room. If you are planning to stay longer at one destination and would not mind spending time on the subway or train, you may be able to find a good accommodation deal on the outskirts of town. You might also find locals approaching you offering rooms at their home. Homes are a great bargain compared to hotels. Rooms for rent are available in most European destinations. You may find that the rates here cost a fraction lesser than hotels.

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