Tips on How You Can Travel Light On Your Next Vacation

With most airline companies now charging additional rates for excess baggage, it is important for you to ensure that you travel lightly to save yourself from the additional rates. Packing light is another strategy for budget travel. This way, you would not have to worry about paying the luggage fees charged by most airlines. Here now are some guidelines on traveling light.

Choose the right bag

As mentioned, bringing heavy bags when traveling can subject you to the luggage fees charged by airlines. The right bag for traveling light is a carry on backpack. There are brands that provides several compartments in one bag so you can maximize the space in the backpack.

Pack only the essentials

You cannot pack clothes for every possible situation. When packing your stuff, use the Pareto Principle which means that 20% of what you pack for budget travel accounts for 80% of what you wear. Bring the core wardrobe that you wear over and over again at home. Packing light provides room for flexibility. Deal with situations as they come.

Pack for one week

If you will be traveling for a couple of weeks or more, break your packing list to one week stuff. It is simply impossible to pack clothes for every contingency. It will be much easier to pack one week worth of clothes.

If your trip will last more than a week, you can always do the laundry. There are hotels that offer such services. Budget travel may entail hand washing socks, t-shirts, and underwear. Laundry services is much cheaper than the luggage fees.

Pack in layers not bulk

Packing in layers consumes less space and offers more flexibility than in bulk. One heavy sweater will consume so much space that all your other things will never fit. If the destination you are going is extremely cold, consider an ultralight or fleece jacket than a heavy sweater.

Wear bulky clothes

If bulky clothes such as a winter coat or boots is needed, wear it. Let’s say that you need two pairs of shoes—a sneakers and a flat. With budget travel, you need to wear the former and pack the latter. If you need a winter weather, same rule applies. If wearing it seems impractical, just leave it. You can just buy one in your destination.

Follow these simple steps when traveling and you can save yourself a few hundred dollars from the luggage fees charged by most airline companies.

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