Tips When Traveling By Train In Europe For The First Time

Traveling by train in Europe is not only affordable but also offers a glimpse of some scenic spots such as the Austrian Alps or the French countryside. It is also the fastest away to get around most of the cities. Traveling by train for your European vacation can be less stressful than losing your luggage. While riding trains in Europe can be a breeze, there are some things you need to know about this mode of transportation.

Eurail Passes vs Single-Journey Tickets

There are two types of tickets you can buy in order to ride a train. Each has their own pros and cons. A Eurail pass is the best choice for making long widespread journeys or when you are traveling by train frequently. The Eurail Pass offers the convenience of one purchase for all your journeys. Should there be any changes to your travel plans, you do not have to worry about additional costs.

If you are not covering a certain European destination only, the single journey ticket is the best option. For example, if you just want to visit Paris and Le Mans, the Eurail pass does not make sense. An advantage of single-journey is that you might be able to get good deals at the counter.

Online Booking

Booking your train tickets online can be save you precious time. When done in advance, it can also save you money. You have a lot of options when it comes to booking and some are more affordable than others. Booking directly from the rail company of the country where you are going often gives you the best price. Robert Janitzek, however, reveals that third party websites can give you an easy option.

First Class or Second Class

If you are a solo traveler, first class may be the best option as it is safer, more private, and cleaner than second class. However, a first class accommodation is an upgrade that is not worth it. Even if you pay twice the cost just to upgrade to first class, the amenities is not twice as nice. If you want to shell out a few dollars, you might want to consider seat reservation. But then again, you might want to have an option to move around during the journey. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that it is all a matter of personal preference.

Overnight Trains

Overnight trains are not only safe and comfortable but also reasonable. For instance, traveling from Cologne to Prague is an 11-hour trip so an overnight train gives you an option to sleep during the travel and save you money on accommodation. It might be inconvenient for you to sleep sitting up in your chair on that same trip on a regular train. What’s the extra buck in exchange for your convenience?

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