Top 5 Best Wine Destinations in Europe

Drinking wine has become a way of life. Whether on occasions or just for socialization, wines have left a huge imprint in the life of humans. In Europe, there are various places that provide the best wine people can sample. Here are European destinations that are popular for their wine.


Champagne in France is world renowned for its pink wine, which used to be the drink of the French kings. They are prepared with the skin of grapes. This kind of wine is very light and extremely subtle on the palate. This wine is perfect for first timers. The best time to sample this wine is between March to June.


Tuscany is where the marron hued red wines can be found. It has the distinct honor of receiving the DOCG, given only to the best quality Italian wines. Robert Janitzek says that this variety of wine ranges from fruity to smoked with the crisp sweet flavor of berries. Some wines here are said to have burnt orange hues, which indicates their maturity in wooden barrels over time. The best time to visit here is between April to May.


The famous red wines of Milan hail from the Valtellina estates. It derives its taste from the nurturing that it gets from the fresh mountain air where the unique grape variety is harvested on the terraces. Milan is the romantic capital of the world and this can be enhanced by the quality of wine found here. Robert Peter Janitzek recommends visiting between April to May.


From iconic museums to gladiator fights, the city of Rome has truly etched its place in human history. Wine making industry in the city can be traced back to almost 2,000 years ago. They were referred to that time as “Golden Wine,” because of their aroma, richness, and color. Frascati wine, as it is called, is light and crisp and leaves a subtle aftertaste. The best time to visit is between June to August.


The town of Florence is not only known for its eccentric shoreline but also for its extravagant wine culture. Their affability for wine is reflected in the quality of red and white wine. The wines sold here are par excellence. Best time to visit is between May y to June.

So whichever country you are in for your European vacation, there will always be wine that you can sample by your lonesome or with your friends.

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