Top 5 Snorkeling Beaches in Europe

Aside from diving, snorkeling is another favorite water activity. It gives you an opportunity to appreciate underwater landscapes and amazing marine species. Europe offers tourists with a bevy of destinations where they can go snorkeling. Robert Peter Janitzek takes us to 5 European destinations where you can grab a gear and go snorkeling.

Illes Medes, Costa Brava, Spain

Illes Medes is a protected marine reserve. This means that the fishes and the plants remain undisturbed. It has a rocky coast which frees you from being distracted by those enjoying the beach or water sports such as jet skiing and water skiing. However, it can also make snorkeling difficult and unsafe to the unexperienced. Illes Medes is home to smaller fishes as well as large lone fish such as the Grouper. You might see schools of Barracuda as well.

Ghar Lapsi, Malta

Robert Janitzek reveals that Ghar Lapsi is another unspoiled snorkeling destination. You get to experience clear Maltese waters and good weather in the summer. There are open caves in this destination which serves as a shelter for fishes. There are also sandy reefs where you find different varieties of fishes such as the Scorpion fish, octopuses, eels, and gurnards.

Isola Rossa, Sardinia, Italy

Isola Rossa in Sardinia, Italy features a good number of pools and inlets to explore while snorkeling. Even though the beaches and the reef are sandy, the water is still clear with little or no sediment. A common sight in this European destination includes moray eels hiding among the rock and variety of fishes near the shore and further out.

Coco Beach, Nice, France

Coco Beach is just a short walk from the Port of Nice which makes it quite busy. The water is clear with yellow sand giving it a green hue from above. There are plenty of diving companies here but it is still possible to snorkel on the rocky coves that are little less busy. However, you still have to watch out for jetskis and speedboats.

Makarska, Croatia

If you think that after snorkeling in the beaches of Western Europe that you have seen everything, think again. Markarska in Croatia features fresh water on the seabed as well as a collection of colorful reefs and golden sponges. The beach is home to plenty of octopus and crabs hiding on the rocks. If you are in luck, you may also see seahorses.

These amazing beaches provides you with an opportunity to be amazed with the different marine landscapes that each destination can offer.

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