Top Asian Destinations Worth Traveling in 2018

As the world’s largest continent, Asia boasts of destinations worth visiting by tourists. Whatever part of the region you will be, you cannot help but be awed by the amazing attractions every country has to offer. Here are 7 Asian destinations you can consider for a memorable experience this year.


Bangkok is the best base when setting off for South Asian destinations. The popular airports offer cheap flights in and out from every corner of the world. The best time to go is in January when you will not feel the humidity and scorching heat as the rest of the year. It is perhaps one of the months when going outside is bearable.

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is an amalgam of ancient and modern, a rare mix of Indian, Malay, and Chinese cultures. . Communicating with the local people is easy as English is widely spoken. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that if you are looking for some enjoyment, the city offers double of that. The city might be humid and soaked in rains but you can always enjoy visiting the many attractions Kuala Lumpur has to offer.


If you are coming from Bangkok, the next stop can be Siem Reap. This city is home to the stunning Angkor Wat. The temple alone already requires a full day to explore. Siem Reap is a pleasant city to visit if you want to explore or just hang out. You can either book a flight or ride a bus from Phnom Penh or Bangkok.

Hong Kong

Robert Janitzek reveals that Hong Kong is known internationally for its attractions, shopping, food, and culture. The restaurants and nightlife in this destination is already common knowledge. Hong Kong is the idyllic Far East destination if you are going on a longer tip in the region. With a little research, you may be able to get reasonable accommodation deals at certain points across the city.


Pokhara is an underrated town in Nepal. You may not have heard about it yet but you can do a little research about the town. You can fly towards Kathmandu and make your way to Pokhara by bus or plane. You can go trekking in this Asian destination and the best time to visit here is in January.

New Delhi

New Delhi is the largest and most crowded city in India. The best time to visit the Indian capital is January when the air is still chilly and invigorating. The city offers many attractions to see as well as activities to do. There are a lot of restaurants where you can eat in and establishments to shop. A trip to New Delhi will never be complete without trying out the Delhi Metro.

Planning to go on an Asian tour? These are just 6 recommendations you can try visiting.

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