What Are Some Possible Accommodation Alternatives When Traveling?

When traveling to a foreign or local tourist spot, one of the things you have to worry about is where you will be staying. Normally, the option is to book in a hotel. However, room rates can be quite extravagant. Amenities can add up to the overall cost of your accommodations. Fortunately, there are cheaper alternatives that you can consider when looking for travel accommodations.


If you plan to stay in your destination for quite a long time, housesitting can be the perfect choice. If the owner a house will be away from their home for an extended period of time, they can list their house for house-sitting services. You can apply as a house-sitter giving you instant accommodation which may offer the same comfort and amenities of hotels.

Vacation Rentals

The vacation rental industry has considerably grown over the last six years. Thanks to a huge demand and advertising, these properties have offered a much cheaper accommodation option for travelers. For people who are looking for travel accommodation, vacation rentals offer a bunk for less than $60 a night.

Home Exchange

Another excellent travel accommodation alternative is home exchange or swapping. With this option, two owners will agree to exchange their homes for a certain period of time. There is no cost involved in home exchange. This concept can be traced back to the 1950’s, and has become one of the most efficient and affordable travel accommodation options.


Hostels were born out of Germany during the early 1900’s as a cooperative community. They are budget-oriented dormitories offering shared sleeping accommodations with communal amenities.


People looking for travel accommodation can also consider camping for their trip. They are not only budget friendly but also offers the opportunity to make new friends. While they are relatively free of charge, some sites charge a nightly fee. Camping sites are not only found in rural areas but also in the city. Pitching areas can be found in farms, woodlots, or ranches.

While they may not be as luxurious as a hotel in a prestigious resort, these accommodation alternatives can help save hundreds of dollars for your trip. Remember that there are other expenses you need to worry about and not just accommodation. Finding them entails a lot of research on your part. After all, your ultimate goal is to have an enjoyable trip with your loved ones.

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