Which Are Safest Countries To Travel in Europe?

Aside from the accommodations, one of your concerns when traveling to Europe is safety. You do not want to be stripped of your mobile phone while sightseeing. This is one of the things you will research about before booking your plane ticket. 18 of the 25 countries listed on the Global Peace Index (GPI) are European destinations. Let us take a look at some of them.


Iceland is not only the safest in Europe but also in the world, according to the GPI. The crime rate in Iceland is extraordinarily low. In 2013, there was only one murder in the whole country. It has the lowest murder rate in any European country. Icelandic police do not even carry guns. The people of Iceland know nearly every person who lives there.


Denmark is currently ranked #1 on UN’s World Happiness Report and #2 in the Global Peace Index. Violent crimes are quite rare and even pickpocketing is not a common occurrence. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that one of the main safety notes in the country is to follow the no-photography rules in the autonomous area of Christiana in Copenhagen.


Austria completes the podium finishers in the GPI. Though there are instances of pick-pocketing or scams aimed at travelers, they are almost never violent crimes. Still you need to be cautious with your valuables especially in busy areas.


Portugal is the 4th European country in the Top 5 in the GPI list. It was ranked #11 the previous year. Long ago, it was forgotten after sitting next to the much larger Spain. Robert Janitzek says that violent crime rates are fairly low throughout the country.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic also made a jump in the GPI list from 10th the previous year, it is now at 6th spot. It has one of the lowest murder rates and a very low risk of terrorism or civil demonstrations. Petty crimes are common in the major cities, particularly in Prague. However, these are rarely violent crimes.


Despite dropping from 5th to 7th place in the GPI list, Switzerland is still one of the safest countries in Europe. There were already 41 murders in the whole country in 2014 and even lower rate of violent crimes in some cantons.


This European destination rounds out the Top 10 in the GPI list. Since achieving independence from Yugoslavia, Slovenia has established itself as one of the safest places to go in Europe. It makes a big jump in the rankings from 15th last year to 10th.

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