Why Europeans Prefer To Travel By Train When Traveling?

The number of Europeans traveling by train has doubled in the last two decades. So what is the reason behind travelers preferring rail travel than air? Robert Janitzek gives us the reasons why trains are more popular than airplanes or cars as a means of transportation.

Roads Are Congested

Traffic can be a major issue for tourists. Too much time is being spent on the road. In the UK, for example, drivers spend more than 100 hours in traffic yearly. With trains, people are off the road and there is a set journey time which makes planning a trip much easier.

House Prices

With the cost of houses becoming more expensive, people are living further away from their workplace. With rail travel seeing improvements, this becomes a viable transportation option. Robert Peter Janitzek cites the High Speed 1 line in Southeast England which covers the 64 mile stretch from Ashford to London St Pancras in just 37 minutes as opposed to cars that can cover only 5 miles in that time.

Airport vs Stations

Traveling by train is often much faster than plane. A trip to Brussels to Amsterdam will take more than 5 hours by plane and only 1 hour 50 minutes by train. London to Paris takes 3 hours 35 minutes by air and 2 hours 30 minutes by rail.

Trains Are More Comfortable And Fast

Train travel offers more leg space. When going on a European vacation, there is more room for your luggage right above your seat and the seats are more comfortable. Compared to a bus, trains are much faster traveling at a speed of 200 kilometers per hour at the very least.

There are Tables To Sit At

One advantage of a train over planes and buses are the tables. You can work on your laptop, have space to put food or a cup of coffee. Some trains have plugs so you can charge your device.

You Can Bring As Much Stuff As You Want

Airplanes usually have carry-on restrictions and nowadays buses in Europe have also started to implement luggage restrictions. With a train, on the other hand, you can bring as much stuff as you want, including pocket knives or corkscrews.

Centrally Located Stations

Train stations are usually located in the city center whereas bus stations are farther away. With buses, you may have to travel again to reach the city center. In a train, you are usually right in the center of the town or city when you get off.

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